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Traditional Indonesian Costumes March 24, 2008

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The traditional costumes segment was one of the first items to kick off the start of the event. Costumes from Bali, Padang, and many other parts of Indonesia were presented to the audience. The costumes fromdifferent parts of Indonesia varied greatly and this made the show interesting.

The participants went through 2 meeting sessions, where they learnt how to walk gracefully, with their partner in arm, down the steps. Many of them had to learn to slow down their walking pace. Before they take their places on the stage, they did a customary bow together. They were also taught the intricacies of putting on the costume. One of the participants said, ”The headwear was really awkward to put on, but it was worth the effort as the costume will be incomplete without it”. Another participant also said that it was a great experience for him asit is his first time ‘modelling’ and he will probably not have a similar chance to do so again. Overall, the activity helped the participants understand that Indonesia was a melting pot of different cultures and dialects.

Different type of Traditional Indonesian Costumes:dsc00046-small.jpg



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